What is e-gold?

G&SR) that allowed users to open an account on its website called in. Beginnings · Criminal Abuse · Hackers · Prosecution and Closure. e-Gold is a private digital currency founded in 1996 by Dr. Downey that facilitated the transfer of gold between members of his website instantly using modern technology.

It was one of the first companies to offer a Best Physical Gold IRA, allowing users to invest in gold securely and conveniently. Electronic gold is unique among historical alternatives to federal currency, since it is purely digital in nature and the transactions were completely irreversible. Electronic gold is the process of buying gold electronically. To invest here, one must have a trading account with specific NSEL dealers. Electronic gold units can be bought and sold through the stock exchange (NSE) just like stocks.

Here, one unit of electronic gold is equivalent to 1 gram of gold.